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How do I start narrating?


Choose a book from the list of books carefully curated based on their demand, ratings, and commercial success.



Receive the recording instructions as well as the digital copy of the chosen book in your email.



Record the book using a standard laptop/phone mic and upload it to Krity.



Wait for the recording to be validated for audio quality and narration accuracy.



Create marketing assets for the release of the audiobook (optional).



Get paid a predetermined amount or earn based on your listnership on the platform. Start your narration journey now!

  • How do I get started?

  • How much do I get paid?

  • What do I need to record an audiobook?

  • How do I publish my narration?

You can begin by clicking here and filling out our book selection form. After you have chosen a book to record, you will receive the recording instructions, along with a digital copy of the selected book sent to your email. You are required to share a 15-minute sample of your narration for review. Based on the sample, we will provide feedback that you can incorporate. Once your sample has been approved, we would be happy to send you the printed copy of the book if you prefer it over the digital version.