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Creating a community of diverse voices: Empowering narrators to turn their passion for books into profitable audiobooks.

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We are dedicated to making the process of audiobook recording inclusive and attainable for all. Our primary focus is on supporting narrators, helping them cultivate a dedicated community of listeners, and ensuring they receive fair recognition and compensation for their exceptional skills and dedication. Moreover, we are committed to revitalizing forgotten Indian literature, bringing it into the spotlight through the emerging audio medium, and combating the growing disconnection with books in society.


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If you are a listener, you can sign up using an Email and Password, or through your existing Google account. This will give you complete access to our audiobook library for FREE. If you are interested in recording an audiobook for Krity, then check out the Become the Narrator page and apply to be a narrator today.

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Aman Agasi

Business & Product Development

Aman Srivastava

Content Strategy & AI Research

Sahil Lamba

Product Design & Engineering

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